New Site, E-book and My Big Chop Anniversary

Happy 4th, Dolls!

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of my big chop after a 17 month transition! To mark the occasion, I've redesigned and published an e-book.

The E-Book is out, please see Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About My Transition To Help You Get Through Yours. It is a 35 page e-book and it's being sold for $9.99. Remember that you can earn $0.99 for every book that is purchased through a link you share via Twitter, Facebook or E-mail. You'll have to go to for more details on that. If you get just 10 of your friends or fans to buy it, the book has paid for itself. If you're a blogger with thousands of fans... well you can do the math. Proceeds from the book sales will go to a top secret project that I am working on for Mane and Chic, so it's kind of like a fundraiser except you can earn money and ultimately receive the benefits of the new project.

I hope that my site redesign and publishing the e-book inspires you to make a big bold leaps towards your goals and dreams.

All the best,


The Answer To All of Your Hair Questions

Having this blog for about 4 years, I get asked a lot of questions about hair. I get asked the same questions over and over again. You can't tell it now (because I'm launching a new site on July 4 and have removed a lot of the site's design elements and organizational structure), but I spent a lot of time organizing the blog and re-organizing it to make it easier for people to find answers to these frequently asked questions. Time is very important to me and your time should be important to you. Besides love, time (in my humble opinion) is the most valuable asset we have.

Recently, I found something that's going to save us all time and money when it comes to our hair. I told you about it the other day, it's The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. Understand that I really know and understand my hair. I am an EXPERT on MY OWN HAIR, but ever since I got this book, I literally reference it about twice a week. I referenced it a couple of days ago before I went shopping for a chelating shampoo and I referenced it again today when I was thinking of getting highlights.

If your hair is falling out or breaking off, the only way I can help you is by telling you to see a doctor or at least read this book. If you don't understand why your hair won't hold a curl, why it feels wiry and frizzy, why your ends or splitting, why your hair won't retain length or what your hair type is, I'm helping you by telling you that you NEED to buy this book. If you're a woman who cares about your hair and you have unanswered questions, this book is a problem solver. Audrey has spent years researching hair and writing this book. Let all of her work be a shortcut for you so that you don't have to waste another dollar on a product that won't work or another year attempting to grow out your hair with no results.

Ok, that's the last time I'm mentioning it. I just needed you to really understand how helpful, time-saving and money-saving it's been for me in regards to my hair care regimen and product selection. It will do the same for you.

Transitioning Questions Answered

I asked you to submit questions about transitioning and here are some that were posted in the comments along with my answers.

Q: I haven't pressed my hair in 3 weeks and I have washed it 3 times but I am having problems with my ends. I have never had a relaxer but I have been having my hair pressed/flat ironed all my life so my ends are very tamed and straight. I have no idea what to do with them! I am doing twist out but they aren't lasting very long and unravel at the ends. What products do you think I should use? Do you think my ends will curl up again?

A: If you want to see your natural texture in all of it's curly coily glory, you're going to have to stay away from heat. Some people are lucky in that their hair reverts to a curly/coily state after a couple of super moisturizing deep treatments, but sometimes the heat damage is so bad that the curls/coils never come back. You can decide to cut them off or gradually grow them out. In the meantime, try to blend the ends with your natural texture by doing twist/braid outs and rolling the ends on perm rods or flexi rods to get a tight natural-looking curl/coil. As for products, you can read 101 Best Products for Curly Hair or visit product review sites like Makeup Alley or Naturally Curly's Curlmart. My personal favorites are any Aubrey Organics or Giovanni conditioners for deep conditioning and Kinky Curly's Knot Today and Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Lite for leave-ins/setting agents.

Q: I read and hear a lot about naturals having to moisturize daily (usually with shea butter) and seal with one or more natural oils. I'm wondering if this is necessary for those in transition? I still have 8-9 inches of relaxed hair and oiling it that often will weigh my hair down heavily and turn it into a greasy mess. Does the shea butter and oil regimen benefit only full naturals? Or should transitioners be doing so as well?

A: You have to do what works for you. You definitely want to keep your hair moisturized and be proactive about it (transitioning or not), but you may not need to do it everyday. My hair is easily weighed down and can feel greasy too if I have a heavy hand, but some people need to do that to keep their hair from drying out. Heavy butters and oils can be too much on certain hair types. You might try lighter oils and leave ins.  Moisturize whenever you feel like you need it.

Q: Next month (July), will mark my 3 year break-up with perms. I've told everyone I know. No one really cares b/c I change my hair styles every other month. But it's exciting. I have yet to wear out my natural hair. I'm not yet comfortable with the look. For the past 3 years I've had braids and weaves to help my hair grow. I use oils and greases but of course my front edges are a mess. What do you recommend to help my edges grow and what steps can I take to getting my natural hair soft? A few friends recommended that I find a good dominican salon and have them train my curls. I'm at a lost.

A: Congrats, that is exciting! First, why aren't you comfortable? Explore that. List all the negative thoughts you have surrounding your new look. Really go deep and figure it out. Try to flip all the negatives to positives. Surround yourself with inspiring images of women that have a similar hair type as you. Step up your game in other areas of your life that you do feel comfortable and confident in. Look at yourself in the mirror and say all the things you love about your hair. Wear your best outfits and give yourself a fashion show. Do it everyday before you sleep and when you wake up. Eventually, if you're diligent, you will grow to love it and be more comfortable and confident rocking it. If you're trying to repair your edges, you want to stay away from high tension hair styles: too tight braids, ponytails and weaves. You might also consider getting rid of brushes and fine tooth combs. You might even see a dermatologist to check for traction alopecia which is kind of common in women that wear weaves and braids often. I don't think going to a Dominican Salon is the answer if you're trying to repair your edges, they use round brushes and a lot of heat. If you're serious about repairing that damage, stick to no-tension, low-manipulation natural hair styles. You can smooth your edges without a brush by wetting and moisturizing your edges and then tying it down with a scarf for about 15 minutes for smoother edges without using brushes or gels.


Do you have any questions about my transition?

I remember how frustrating it was to have very little info and resources during my transition. If I can help save anybody from the drama I had to go through, I want to.

I am putting the final touches on my e-book and it's probably the last time I'm going to answer any questions about my 17 month from relaxed hair to my natural texture on the blog. I originally created this blog to document that very challenging odyssey, but an e-book is a more organized/linear way for me to share and I want to make sure that everything is in there. Of course, I've answered hundreds of questions about my transition since I started the blog in 2007 and the answers are all in the e-book, but I want to make sure I don't leave anything out. So, if you have any questions about my transition or an issue with your transition that you think I may be able to help with... please leave them in the comments or e-mail them to

The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care

Can I be frank with you? I don't take hair advice from very many people. I really have to trust the person I'm taking advice from and the person really has to know what they are talking about. One of the people that I trust implicitly when it comes to high texture hair know-how is Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. I have learned so much from her articles, so I was so excited to get her new book entitled The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.

Just browsing through and reading some of the chapters, I can already tell you that this is a must have reference book for women with high texture hair. In the book, Audrey actually lists recommended products based on what they can do for your hair's protein/moisture balance. The book is very technical, but also insanely practical and straight-forward. If you want to know the science of how our hair thrives and flourishes, get this book. It literally is a text book for managing high texture hair. You'll read about the hair structure, scalp structure, porosity, building healthy hair regimens, product selection, coloring, transitioning, hair care for children and so much more.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, good hair books are an investment and well worth every penny you spend on them. When you splurge on a $25 hair product, you and I both know that sometimes it's a hit, but a lot of times... it's a miss. With books like this, you actually get the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions as a consumer and save yourself time and money on your hair. So, before you take another trip to Ricky's, Whole Foods, Sephora or Target to hoard hair products that may or may not work, I highly recommend that you invest in this book. I certainly will be keeping my copy of the book bedside while on my journey to waist length.

Dark Circle Cure, Fix The Inside!

I recently saw an Allergist because I have these dark circles under my eyes that were getting progressively worse. Before I ever went to the doctor, I assumed that the dark circles were hereditary, but no one in my family has them as bad as I do, not even remotely as apparent as mine. I've had them all of my life and they never go away. I took a RAST test (a blood test that tests for allergies) and found out that I am highly allergic to dust mites. In fact, the RAST test has scores ranging from 0-6, 0 would be absolutely not allergic and 6 would be extremely allergic. My test results showed that I was a 4 which is very high.

Dust mites are microscopic insects that cannot be seen by the human eye. They are everywhere and everyone has them in their homes. Dust mites love fabrics: bedding, upholstery, and carpet. Now I finally realize why I was always congested whenever I am in hotels, airports or other places with lots of carpet. I've always had a really strong aversion to carpet. It totally makes sense now. Luckily, there are hardwood floors where I live now.

My doctor suspects that the dark circles under the eyes are allergic shiners. Allergic shiners are a result nasal congestion. Basically, pressure on the nose from congestion causes blood to pool in the veins and capillaries underneath the eyes, causing the dark circles. He said that this issue could be hereditary, but probably because the allergy is hereditary. I'm very hopeful and grateful that I finally know what is causing them and now I believe that I can be free of them. I'm also grateful because I recently learned of a doctor that practices Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (kind of like high tech acupuncture) to cure allergies and other ailments and if that works, it's cool to know that I don't have to carry Nasonex and Zyrtec for the rest of my life to be free of these things!

Why am I telling you this? Learn from my lesson: when you notice a physical symptom, look within. I can't tell you how many e-mails I get from ladies who tell me their doctors were able to change a medication that was causing their dry hair or excessive shedding issues. A couple of women have told me they were able to catch a deficiency or illness before it progressed. It's not only physical symptoms either, it's your money, your relationship, career and family life too. Our lives are only a manifestations (symptoms) of what's going on with us internally. If there is any area of your life that you think can be better, look inside (physically, spiritually and mentally) to find the answer.

Peace and Love,


More On The E-Book and Hair Invention

I'm hoping to finish editing my e-book by July 4, 2011, the third anniversary of my big chop. I've entitled it "Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About My Transition". For this first e-book, I am concentrating on my transition that lasted from February 2007- July 2008. When I started blogging about my hair, I didn't know any other site that showed a transition from start to finish. I certainly didn't know of any hair bloggers with my hair type. I wish there would have been, it could have saved me a lot of hair and time.

I'll probably be offering the e-book as a PDF for $10 to my e-mail subscribers and $15 for everyone else. I'll also be offering an affiliate program so that you can actually make money (10-20% commission) for spreading the word about the e-book. If you share a link with 100 of your friends on Facebook and they all buy, you've just made yourself $100-200. If you are a fellow blogger with thousands of readers, well... you could potentially make thousands. All of the proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go towards a project(s) that I am working on that I will be sharing with you once the fundraising goal has been reached. It's a surprise, but you're going to love it.

The book will be more linear and organized than the blog has been. It will be full of pictures from my transition and even if you're not transitioning, the book will cover the basics I learned about hair care, the mistakes I made, my old regimens, my favorite tools, books I read, resources, shortcuts, products I used and a little bit about the mental transition I had to make in order to stay the course. Everyone will get something out of this book including me because I've been slipping on some of my own practices and this process has helped me tighten up my regimen and get back on the plan for healthy waist length hair.

My patent on my hair invention is still in the works so I can't share it yet. (No, that's the surprise project). Stay tuned...

Peace and Love!


New Psycho-Cybernetics

New Psycho-CyberneticsFor the past couple of weeks I've been reading New Psycho-Cybernetics. It was originally written by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic plastic surgeon. He noticed that even after extensive plastic surgery, some of his clients complained of not seeing a difference in themselves. Dr. Maltz began to realize that his patients had "emotional scars" that no amount of surgery could fix. Many people have very negative images of themselves that cripples them and stops them from living the lives that they really want to live. He noticed it first from people who had distorted self-images of their physical apperances and later saw that it could be applied to anxiety, finances, love and everything in between. Basically if there is any area in your life where you aren't happy or it's not where you want it to be, you might seriously analyze what in your self-image could be causing your issues and then challenge it to improve your self image.

Dr. Maltz also speaks of the mind as a goal-striving mechanism. We have to give our mind goals and orders and the same way a computer works is the the same way our minds work to achieve our goals. We have the power to control our thoughts and our lives.

Is is a quintessential self-improvement book that will give insight on how to overcome many common issues. I'll probably be reading this book for awhile because it's very intense, but it's kind of just reiterating what all the other books have been saying: fear, doubt and other emotional scars are getting in the way of our dreams. We need to consciously strive to replace negativity with empowering thoughts, beliefs and our lives will be whatever we desire. We need to stop running on auto-pilot and give our minds goals to work on. What I like about this book is that it gives tons of practical advice about how to eradicate negativity (some of them I've been doing before even reading the book). Something that you can do without reading the book (and something that I do daily) is to take 15-30 minutes before sleep and/or right when you wake up and visualize your dream life. Create a movie of your perfect life in your mind. You might experiment with visualizing as if you're actually in the movie or just as an observer.

Something else I learned is that you have to make a decision. You need to get all the worry out, make the decision and just be confident and only give attention to thoughts that will support your decision. Second guessing yourself or getting frustrated will only prolong the process.

maneandchic on tumblr

Ladies, I started a Tumblr at It's a much easier way for you to view Curl Spotter" and all the "Curls To Know" features. Check it out.

The Summer Issue 2011

I am creating a new situation: a more polished version of Mane and Chic and I'll probably keep Mane and Chic as a personal blog. I haven't really decided the logistics of it all, but it's happening NOW.

I know that there are some major areas I want to cover:

High Texture Hair (duh), but not super technical information... more aesthetic features and original imagery like innovative, but wearable hair styles and hair accessories.

Makeup/Beauty/Body - Cool new stuff and techniques and tips, but presented in a new way.

Lifestyle Design/Self Evolution - all the stuff I discuss in the "Evolve" feature. Life changing stuff that really matters in people's lives... no fluff.

Interior Design/Home Design: Cool stuff for your house, cool interior designers and generally cool spaces.

Wardrobe Building/Self-Styling/Worked: fashion features that show you how to work the hell out of a trend. Right now I'm obsessed with midi skirts so don't be surprised if you see that!

I want to create timelessness. I DO NOT want advertisers, gossip, negativity, fluff, meaningless content. I want the project to be fully supported by the true fans. That said, I'm pretty clear on what my true fans want, but I'm giving you the opportunity to sound off. Tell me what you really want to see in the Summer 2011 release of my unnamed project. Shoot me an e-mail or leave your thoughts in the comments.



Poll: Student Loan Crowdfunding?

Zero Debt for College Grads: From Student Loans to Financial Freedom
I read this book a couple
of years ago. It was helpful.
So the other day, I had this idea to start a website for crowdfunding student loan debt? Kai, you have a lot of ideas. I can't keep up every week it's something new. Yeah, I know, but just listen. I'm sorry. I get a lot of ideas.

Ok so I have a lot of student loans. Why? I don't know. I knew a lot about money and investing before I took out the loans, yet I still managed to do the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life: take out more student loans than I needed. Reading all these books that I'm reading has made me see that all of this happened for a reason. I put myself in this situation for whatever reason. I think it's to make sure other people don't make the same mistakes and for people that already have, I want to help them. Don't you need to help yourself first? Yeah, I do. I'm doing that.

So have you heard of the Website It's a cool crowdfunding website that allows normal people like you and me to broadcast their dreams and ask for funding from other normal everyday people. People donate the money. Yes, just totally give it away, no loans, no grants, just giving. I'm always on there. It's one of my favorite sites — ever! I love knowing that my little $1 or $10 donation is helping to make someone's dream come true. It's all kinds of cool exploring new coffee table books, new lingerie designers, new dress designers and the list goes on. Russell Simmons said, "If you are a good giver, you will be great getter". I so believe that. My grandmother always taught me that whatever you give will come back to you... maybe not from the same person you gave it to, but you get it back.

So, inspired by KickStarter, I came up with this idea for crowdfunding student loan debt? I said on Twitter this weekend that so many young people are plagued by student loans and it sucks because if we didn't have student loans to pay off we could better contribute to society and the economy. What if there were a Website where hundreds of thousands of people (maybe even millions of people could go to help other normal people to pay down their student loans? Would you donate? Would it have to be tax-deductible for you to want to help?

Did you know that Americans have accumulated well over $900 billion in student loan debt? That's higher than the total amount of credit card debt in the United States. It's really ridiculous and there really is no help for middle class educated people. There's so many resources for the poor and of course we need that, but if these normal, educated middle class people were free of their educational debt, there would be more people willing and able to help the truly less fortunate. Right? Yes, you have your own student loans to pay off, but what if you knew that $10 you donated to help someone else along with the $10 donations of 9900 other people could help pay off someone's $100,000 student loan in one day. What if you knew that that person was so grateful for no longer being strapped with debt, that they began to donate 10% of their income back into the Website to help others, thus causing a domino effect.

There are so many amazing organizations to help children, animals, the poor, the arts and libraries, but what about normal middle class people that are really struggling to make ends meet or working at jobs they hate just to pay back student loans?

So, my questions to you is...

(please participate in the poll)

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Over 100 New Pages of Cutting-Edge Content.For the past two weeks, I've been reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. It's one of those books that I'll probably be reading for the rest of my life. It's just so packed with information that I get something new out of it every time I read it. I actually picked it up a few years ago, but I wasn't ready for it. Now, I've decided to design my lifestyle. I've made a commitment to creating the lifestyle that I want. What is that, you may ask. Well, my dream lifestyle is to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want and be a member of the New Rich. I want to travel the world, I want to love, I want to learn, I want to make art, I want to support the arts, I want to rehab old houses and I could go on and on here. To do all those things, I can't be stuck in a cubicle. I can't be stuck in a 9-5. I can't be glued in front of my iMac all day.

I grew up thinking: go to school, get a good 9-5, make a lot of money. I no longer think that is the life for me. It may work for other people but I love my freedom of time.  Time for me is like money. I don't cook or want to know how to cook. Why cook when you can go to a restaurant? Yes, it may cost more to go to a restaurant financially, but time-wise for me it's too expensive to cook at home. You have to shop for the food, prepare the food, cook the food, clean the dishes... it's just all too much. Plus, I don't like to cook. Wherever I can save time doing something I don't like, but have to do... I outsource. I had an economics teacher in college that said he made well over $100 an hour so it wasn't cost efficient for him to go grocery shopping. He outsourced his grocery shopping to an assistant that worked for $10-$15 an hour. It makes sense right? This book teaches you how to outsource your life and make more time for the stuff you love and really live life on your own terms. This book has been life changing for me because I am aligned with the message. It's so me. I don't waste time doing stuff I don't want to do. I just don't and if I absolutely have to, it's only a temporary step on the way to more freedom of time.

If you're happy with working a 9-5, this book is not for you. If you're content working for other people, this book might not be for you. If you want to escape the rat race, make your own rules and be able to do more with the time you have, read this book.

You know what's funny. In the book, Ferriss says that we read to much. I get his reasons for saying that, but I'm still on my personal challenge to read 1 book per week this year. On to the next one.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Mind Over Money

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
I've been reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker for the last couple of weeks and I love it! It's definitely in the top 10 books (maybe top 5) life changing books I've read in 2011 and perhaps my whole life. You can buy it for as little as a penny on Amazon, so there is no excuse not to read it.

If you have any negative beliefs about money, you will never reach your full financial potential. If you grew up around hearing: "Money doesn't grow on trees", "Robbing Peter to pay Paul", "Money is the root of all evil", "Rich people are greedy" or anything of the like, you must read this book! The biggest thing I've learned this year is that our negative programming and negative belief system really is the biggest, most problematic obstacle on the way to our dreams. When we can eradicate fear, doubt, negative beliefs and all the other foolishness, then we can really live the lives we want. It's simple, what would you do today if you knew you couldn't fail?

Mind over Money: Overcoming the Money Disorders That Threaten Our Financial HealthIf you're jealous of wealthy people, read this book. If you think it's ostentatious for people to drive $300,000 cars and you judge them, read this book. If you want money, don't have it and don't think you have any negative beliefs about money — I implore you to think again.

Reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth along with Mind over Money: Overcoming the Money Disorders That Threaten Our Financial Health by Brad Klontz and Ted Klontz will radically change your consciousness about your relationship with money. Once you know your condition, then you can change it. The bottom line is if you want money and don't have then, according to Eker and the Kontz's, you have some sort of dysfunctional with money. 

If you think you're too spiritual for money or money doesn't matter, you're dysfunctional about money. Did you know that Mother Teresa was born into a very wealthy family? Do you know how many millions of dollars in donations poured into helping her Missionaries of Charity organization each year? Even if you don't require palatial estates or imported luxury cars, you can always donate the money the charitable organizations to help the less fortunate. It's a big mistake to think you're too good for money and you don't need it. We all need money. It doesn't have to be a first priority, but it must be respected.

Money is energy. I think money is probably one of the most perfect examples of how the universe works. Whatever you put out you get back. If you're giving of it, it will give to you. If you respect it, it will respect you. If you work for it, it will work for you. If you love it, it will love you.

I could go on and on about these books, but you should really read them for yourself.

E-Book Coming Soon

With over 2000 posts, it's time for the Mane and Chic e-book. A lot of women are looking for the info I've learned over the past few years, but either don't have time to go through an entire blog or just are not interested in reading blogs. For that reason, I've decided to write an e-book. I think it's more organized and easy to get all the information you need. If you have a Kindle or nook or whatever, you'll be able to read the book on the go. You'll also be able to print it out, put it in a cute binder and use it as a reference whenever you need hair tips.

I'm hoping this will be an easier way for my readers to learn my hair tips in a very linear way. It's been in the works for a couple of years, but I'm into taking bold actions in 2011. So, expect to see the book by the end of the year. Of course, all of my e-mail subscribers will get a generous discount and you will be the first to know about its release.

My Hair Invention

Roughly 3 years ago, about a year after creating Mane and Chic, I invented a hair tool. So passionate about the invention, I shelled out quite a bit of money to have an illustrator draft a digital prototype for what I saw in my head. We spent countless hours drafting, redrafting and making improvements. Tons and tons of time was spent on researching manufacturers. I just knew my idea was going to be life-changing for women with curly highly textured hair.

Somewhere between then and now I lost the passion for it. I began to doubt myself and the concept, but something just told me that I needed to present it to you, my Mane and Chic tribe. I would like to present the invention to you and hear your honest feedback. Soon, I will be e-mailing Mane and Chic subscribers an image of the prototype and a short survey to fill out to see what you think of it. I just want your honest opinion. I'm not sure if I will proceed with the idea or not, but maybe it'll give some of you out there some inspiration to pursue your passions without doubt or fear.

Are you a member of the Mane and Chic tribe? Please subscribe by e-mail.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Digital Ad Sales

I am working on a special project for a new publishing entity I am building and I'm looking for someone with a background in digital ad sales. Do you have experience selling ads online properties especially in the fashion, beauty and home arena? I want to hear from you. Hit me up at

Texturephile: Joan Smalls for V Magazine

We hardly ever see Joan Smalls rocking anything but bone straight locks so we're always pleasantly surprised to see her rocking some texture. Check out her spread entitled "Foxy Lady" in V Magazine's Issue 70.

source: V Magzine
source: V Magzine
source: V Magzine

source: V Magzine

Curl Spotter: Joan Smalls for US Vogue April 2011

source: US Vogue

Curl Spotter: Chrishell Stubbs for H&M S2011

Chrishell Stubbs can probably be considered fashion's new "it girl" and she just so happens to have naturally curly hair. Check her out in H&M's Spring 2011 ad campaign.

source: H&M
source: H&M
source: H&M

Curl Spotter: Sabina Karlsson and Marquita Pring for Levi's Curve ID

Check out two of our favorite curly girls Sabina Karlsson and Marquita Pring in a Levi's® Curve ID ad. The jeans are interesting because they are almost custom to fit your body's curves. The "Slight" is for women with little no no curves that have trouble finding jeans that fit at the waist. The "Demi" is for evenly proportioned women who don't typically have trouble finding jeans that fit. The "Bold" is for curvy girls that have issues with waist gapping in the back. " Supreme" is for super curvy chick who need a back with a higher rise so it doesn't sit too low. They are really affordable so now there is no excuse for muffin tops, butt cleavage or ill-fitting waist-gapping jeans.

source: Levi's® Curve ID

The Valentino Bun

For those of you who know how to french braid, here are two super chic buns from the Spring 2011 Valentino show and a semi-step-by-step pictorial on how to get it. You can see that the bottom left image is a little different because it doesn't utilize a full center part. You can't loose with either.

Runway Buns To Rock Now

It's hot, you're going to the beach, you want your hair up and out of your way. I have a solution for you! I scoured to find these ├╝ber cute buns. They are from the Spring 2011 and Fall 2011 runway collections. You can rock them on hair type. Try!

Carolina Herrera F2011
Nina Ricci S2011
Jill Sander S2011
Nina Ricci S2011

Beautiful Brooch Bouquets as Home Decor?

You don't have to get married to enjoy beautiful brooch bouquets. You can place them inside a beautiful vase and add them to your windowsill, desk, dresser or as a centerpiece for a dinning room table. You can even add them as an accent piece on your bed. Fresh flower are great, but these pieces will live on and on. Here are some amazing ones to get you started.

source: Bead Flora Jewels

source: Pinkderella

source: A Blissful Event

source: Hair Bows Wonder World
source: Noaki

source: The Ritzy Rose

Garden of Whismy Floral Hair Accessories

Add spring flair to your locks with these ultra feminine hair clips from Garden of Whimsy.

source: Garden of Whimsy

source: Garden of Whimsy

source: Garden of Whimsy

Mizani's Natural Curl Key

Have you seen Mizani's Natural Curl Key? Far less complicated the previous hair typing systems, this chart was a breath of fresh air. The chart goes into detail on each hair type to describe typical texture, growth pattern, body/volume, elasticity and porosity. It also lists specific product recommendations from their line if you're interested.

source: Mizani

Texturephile: Chrishell Stubbs for Arise Issue #12

Check out the latest issue of Arise. There's an editorial on chignons and color blocking the face featuring Chrishell Stubbs.

source: Arise Issue #12

source: Arise Issue #12